Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Lieve Familie,
               Well familie it is the final countdown here for Elder Alade and I hope that you are all excited to see him this up coming Monday. I have been giving him all the details about each and every one of you and just getting him really pumped up to meet you all. He is super excited and I'm not going to lie, I'm a little jealous. Hahah but I have no worries that you all will take really good care of him.

              So familie where to even begin about this week: It has been just another week full of miracles here with "The Magic 3". It really amazes me just how real our Heavenly Fathers plan is. My testimony this week has absolutely grown regarding our Heavenly Fathers plan and it is actually scaring me. I have found myself somehow in "the right place at the right time" on so many occasions this past week. I really just don’t even know how to describe it or put it into words.
              One day we were biking in the pouring rain (very typical) and had nothing really planned for the day besides a few look-ups. Well after biking in the midst of this awful cold rain for about 30 minutes I had the strongest feeling to turn my bike around and start biking the opposite direction. It was freezing and "the Magic 3" were soaked- but we did it anyway and turned around. As we were retracing our steps a persons name came to mind for us to go look up so we all made the decision to bike to this guy's house. After upon arriving at his house we found that no one was home and, due to the weather, not a single person was even on the street to contact. It was then that we all remembered that there was lady we have tried several times to make contact with for the past 4 weeks or so but every time we have gone by she just gives us the typical "come back another time" or is never home. Well she lived really close by and we decided to give it a last chance. Well we rang her bell and what do you know, she let us right in. Once inside her apartment she began to tell us how she has been in a lot of pain because of a surgery that she just went through and has found herself extremely depressed from having to go to the hospital almost everyday. She then told us that she has been praying the past week for us to come by and the whole day. Turns out that she just finished her prayer when we rung on her bell.  It was just a confirmation for me that the Lord has a plan for everyone.
Honestly, I don’t even know how to describe it family but it was an amazing moment and she really needed some help that day. We ended up giving her the whole first lesson and a book of Mormon and most importantly... we made her day. This story probably sounds lame but I think it is, just because I can't really explain it and also because I am awful at putting all this onto paper.. hahaah but anyways it was awesome and a real testimony builder!

             Other things from the week... well Ethlyn has been amazing and honestly I can’t even write what has happened between us and her into an email because it is just so special. Our appointment with her this week was the strongest and most spiritual appointment I have ever had on my whole mission. And I really mean that. The spirit was so strong and it left us all crying our eyes out like little girls.

            I wish I was better at this whole email thing family, or had more time to actually think about what to write. The experiences here have been absolutely life changing and there are some things I just cannot share. But all I do know is that I love this gospel and I love the plan that our Heavenly Father has for us. His plan is perfect and even though we have our tough moments or bumps on the way, eventually we will look back and realize just how blessed we were during those tough times.


-Elder Cook(ie)
Oh ps: on Saturday we went and played indoor beach volleyball with some of the Muntinga's and OOOH MIJ HEMELJE it was freakin awesome!

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